Fan Art of 2014

Got some fan art sent to my email! Just wanted to share the artwork and reply to the messengers.

Samara Hughes – “Thanks a lot for taking you time to show others how to draw pokemon as well as they do! I should return the favor of making a FanArt entry. If your wondering what the drawing is, its a anime girl shaymin and just so your don’t get confused (Her hands are like folded behind her back) kind of awkward to say? But its all worth it. :) Also sorry it’s so light I just make art that way. 😛 I put my name for proof that I made it so you don’t think I stole it. If you’d like I could draw more pictures just request me If you’d like!”

^ Dear Samara, You are welcome! I would love it if you could create more art. Share the history/progress of your improvement. I’ll be creating some helpful lessons, very soon. I’m waiting for a couple drawing utilities to digitally paint.

Shaymin The Shy girl (FANART ENTRY)

Now this last person, Kaylee Torrey, didn’t provide a message. I’ll just share the artwork as gratitude :)