This is a website for those who want to learn how to draw Pokemon! We provide a free service for those who want to become a better artist in the Pokemon world. We are willing to accept any feedback for improvements, and are willing to help those who demand extra help. Not only will tutorials be provided, but also artwork, as well.

Additional Answered Questions

  • These tutorials are not yours?¬†Correct! This site is a directory of tutorials. Instead of searching for the perfect drawing tutorial on Pikachu(or whatever Pokemon,) you can easily visit this site, and search it in the search. I share the best, my opinion, drawing tutorials of Pokemon. Think of this site as a Demoz for Pokemon :)
  • Can I register? No, you cannot register due to many reasons. I have added the registration ability to the users, many times. However; there are robots in the internet world that use sites like mine to spam. Profiles are low in demand, at the moment, so no profiles features available till demanded.
  • Can I submit tutorials and artwork?¬†Of course! However; you will need to send me your art piece that you want to submit. I offer a sponsoring program for free. This program sponsors great artwork to help great artists get noticed! Submitting tutorials will not only help the site and funding, but also help those artists that want to be noticed.
  • Can I help the site by any chance? Yes! You can help by sharing this site on your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Reddit, etc. Spreading the love brings new love to the site. New love is what I want! I want to have a community where I share awesome things that users, including yourself, want to share. It’s a win-win :)

If there are no questions answered, please visit the contact page to receive my contact email. Use that email to send your concerns! :)


We are hoping to have other contribute to the site. We need as much help to make howtodrawpokemon a better place for those who are new to art. You can contribute by sending us an email, which can be done by using the contact form in the contact page.

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